Spiral Strength® Bike Grips

Spiral Strength Bike Grips allow your hands to relax while you ride, yet lock you into place for turns and increase pedal power during sprints.

  • Relaxed Hand Position
  • Lean Lock Technology
  • True Comfort and Performance
  • Ultra-Light Rubber
  • 100% US Made
  • Anti-Spin, Screw Free Installation
  • Install Them In Under a Minute
  • Two Colors - Dynepic Red, Ninja Black
  • Fits a standard 7/8" diameter handlebar (most bikes)

🇺🇸US Made | Patented 

Take the Spiral Strength Challenge -

1. Make a Fist. - Feel the Tension in Your Hand and Forearm?

2. Now, Relax Your Hand. - This is how it feels to ride with Spiral Strength Smart Grips.